The Ideal Animator (1915 for Pathé News)

by Florence Sunnen

“An animated cartoonist must be able to talk English, Irish and Swedish, must know the Ten Commandments, the law of gravitation, locomotion and its uses, mind over matter, psychology and its action on cheese, the rules of the road, “cohesion,” and its lifting capacity, navigation, [be] a strong believer in Darwin, [know] the art of tuning a bass violin, the internal combustion engine and its use in the home, how to fry an egg, many innumerable things touched upon so lightly by our famous men and, above all, the animated cartoonist must have a one-track mind.”


Quoted from Norman M. Klein – 7 Minutes. The Life and Death of the American Cartoon.

Cited as: Bert Green (cartoonist on Pathé News), “The Making of an Animated Cartoon,” 1915, on file at Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.