"que de sang caillé sur mon chemin griffé de lumière, l'or défunt des réverbères"

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Lichtenberg on that which isn’t Love

“There exists a condition which with me at least is not all that rare in which the presence and the absence of a beloved person are equally hard to endure; or at least in which the pleasure derived from their presence is not that which, to judge from the intolerableness of their absence, one would have expected it to be.”

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg – “Notebook G” in: The Waste Books. Translated and with an Introduction by R.J. Hollingdale.


Georges Bataille on Love

“Love is so excessive a feeling that I prop my head up in my hands. Arising from the passions, this realm of dreams isn’t fundamentally a domain of lies. In the end the face is dispersed. In the place where the fabric of things rips open – in the lacerating rip – nothing remains but a person introduced into the fabric’s texture.”


Georges Bataille – The Bataille Reader. Ed. Fred Botting and Scott Wilson